First Baptist Church of Manteca ©
Welcome, glad you dropped by!
Our Vision:     Every person following Jesus

Our Mission:  Make followers of Jesus

Our Motto:      Proclaim and live the truth of Jesus

Our Core Confession:  
The Bible alone is the authority for faith and practice.  
Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus
alone to the glory of God alone.

Our Church exists to:
Worship God
Equip followers of Jesus to maturity
Represent Jesus by word and deed

Schedule This Week Beginning October 19, 2014

9:00 am  Discipleship Training (Bible Study)
10:30 am  Morning Worship Service          
12:15 pm  Food Closet Open (by appointment)

9:00 am  Manteca Quilters (Fellowship Hall)
1:00 pm  Ladies' Bible Study (not during summer)

6:30 pm  Youth Discipleship (until 7:45 p.m.)  

9:00 am  Men's Prayer (Church Office)
7:00 pm  Adult Bible Study at Helen Hixon's home (Acts)

8:00 am  Church Office Open until 12:00 noon
Pastor Theo's day off

Friday, October 31, 2014 - Our church is having our annual
Harvest Festival (alternative to halloween) between 6 and 8
p,m. For children of all ages. We have carnival-type games
and food (hot dog, nachos, pumpkin dessert). IT IS ALL
By-laws state how we operate as a
non-profit organization. .
The Church Covenant--our promise to
each other.
Who to Contact:
Pastor Theo Pope     
(Senior Pastor) (209) 825-7366

Pastor David Skrimager, Sr.
(Senior Adults)  (209) 982-0313

Pastor David Halla               
(Evangelism)     (209) 823-0372

Lynn Driver
(Office Mgr.)      (209) 603-7816

Church Office    (209) 823-1781
Baptist Faith and Message is our
doctrinal statement.